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Below are highlighted players which have moved on to the next step in their tennis career and/or life. P3 Tennis Academy and it's Coaches have made a significant impact on their development on and off the court. Reciprocally, they have made an equally positive impact on the culture and environment at the P3 Tennis Academy. 

Justin Gimelstob, UCLA, ATP Top 100 Leigh Ann Thompson, WTA Top 20
Grace Kim, WTA Top 50 Vickie Paynter, Univ. of Texas, WTA Top 100
Kristen Dryer, UCLA, WTA Top 200 Holly Danforth, Univ. of Florida, WTA Top 300
David Wells Roth, Pepperdine Lauren Barnikow, Stanford, NCAA Champion
Robert Devens, Stanford Terry Ann Zawacki, Wake Forest, NJ State Champion  
Florian Mihai, Rutgers Max Eisenbud, Purdue
JD Bradley, Charleston Tammy Zawacki, NJ State Champion
Russel Gimelstob, Cornell Debbie Moringiello, Univ. of Tennessee
Yhonny Murray, Temple Stephanie Jamar, Marshall
Beth O'Donnell, Rutgers Amy O'Donnell, Univ. of Virginia
Joyce Chang, Columbia Kieran Burke, Harvard
Claire and ann Burke, Middlebury College David Gopstein, Princeton
Dan Matro, Williams Blake Wheale, Bowdin
Olivia StreatField, Princeton Kevin Shallcross, Williams (2x), NJ State Team Champion
David Schonbraun, Princeton Dean Thompson, TCNJ, (2x), NJ State Team Champion
Grahm Stahl, (2x), NJ State Team Champion Even Eisenburg, (2x), NJ State Team Champion
Howard Telson, TCNJ James Chou, (2x), NJ State Team Champion
Jenna Switzler, Syracuse Scott Bernstein, Bucknell, (2x), NJ State Team Champion
Andy Magnes, Univ. of Pennsylvania Eileen Tell, Univ. of Texas, NJ State Champion
Jason Magnes, Univ. of Pennsylvania Kevin and Tim Walsh, Georgetown
Nina Kamp, William and Mary Kimberly Barfuss, Seton Hall
Brett Finklestein, Brown Jennifer Tuchband, Univ. of Virginia, NJ State Champion
Dara Dwojewski, Bucknell Ana Mungo, Univ. of Maryland
Natalie Christensen, Columbia Celine Pascheles, Columbia
Jon Magnes University of Colorado